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Meat & Fish - Carne E Pesce

All our beef is 100% Guaranteed Irish

29. Paprika Chicken Stroganoff €12.00

With fettuccine pasta (G, M, EG, S02)

30. Pollo Alla Cacciatoria €12.00

Pan-fried supreme of chicken served in a spicy Mediterranean style tomato sauce consisting of mixed peppers and onions (G, S02)

31. Pollo Dell’Arena €12.00

Pan-fried supreme of chicken filled with Italian stuffing of bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, chillies, mozzarella,

topped with a chive cream sauce (G, M, S02)

32. Pollo dell Colosseo €12.00

Chicken stuffed with mozzarella and spinach served with creamy mushroom sauce wrapped in parma ham (M, S02)


If you have any special requests or allergies, please ask our staff.

Gluten = G / Crustaceans = CR / Eggs = EG / Fish = F / Molluscs = MS / Soy Beans = SY / Peanuts = PE

Nuts = N / Milk = M / Celery = CY / Mustard = MU / Sesame = SE / Sulphites = S02 / Lupin = LU